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    Try Something New!

    Monday, October 31, 2005
    There are some new websites I thought we could try - let me know what you think of them:

    1. Zazzle.com - seems really cool, you can create unique and personalized pictures and other items.

    2. Delightfuldeliveries.com - seems to have wonderful treats and beautiful products.

    3. Stuffkidslike.com - just in time for the holidays, they carry some unique toys.

    4. Pongoresume.com - change your life in minutes with a new resume!

    5. Triphomes.com and clubhotel.com - book a vacation - live well for less!

    6. Swimsuitsforall.com - free exchange shipping from your home - to save us from the florescent lighting in dressing rooms!

    7. Unlimited ringtones - my teenagers will love this site!