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    Sign Your Credit Cards!

    Thursday, October 27, 2005
    I just heard a horror story from someone yesterday about signing credit cards! She said that a friend of hers did not sign any of her cards, and when someone stole her purse and forged her name in their writing on the cards they were able to spend $10,000.00 while on a shopping spree. Then the companies did not support her even though the cards had been stolen because she had not signed them, and she may have ended up liable for the debt! (I do not know all of the individual legalities of this isssue or if she really ended up paying all of that, but it is something to be aware of!) The moral of this story is - sign your cards either with your name or "ask to see ID" - either way should protect you in this case. I will call a few of my cards and verify the best way to protect ourselves in this instance. Happy safe shopping!