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    Save Thousands of Dollars- And Even More In Time!!!

    Sunday, October 16, 2005
    These are just some tips that could save you thousands and even more over the next few years:

    1. Clean credit score - what really happens is that errors on your report hurt you probably more than anything - just check it once a year from an agency - it is free to you. With good credit you will save on your mortgage rate, auto rate, equity rate, and credit card rates(you will get 0% - 2% offers in the mail all the time from cards you own)!!!

    2. When you sell your next home and have agreed on the price with the buyer, make the realtors lower their commission at least 1%. They will tell you they cannot, or your realtor will tell you the other one will not, but they will to close the deal. I have done this several times myself with many realtors and companies. This 1% - 2% you save is thousands to you on your home sale and is not that much to each realtor(a few hundred each, and they make enough!). If your realtor has both buyer and seller or both realtors work for the same company they are already making a ton of money from you.

    3. Carry balances only on 0% cards or low rate cards(please see my Discover Explanation), and charge daily purchases on reward cards and pay that off in full every month.