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    Omaha Steaks.com - More Reasons To Love It!

    Saturday, October 08, 2005
    I just wanted to let you know about some great new promotions Omaha Steaks is offering - and remember, they are not just steaks (please see my first article on them for more information)! You can use the link in the column to your right to go directly to their sight and see what they offer, but these are the current promotions through this site:

    1. 65% off of many different items, including great packages for gatherings like fall cookouts or football tailgating parties

    2. 3 FREE gifts with purchase !!!

    A. 6 burgers - a quarter pound each
    B. 6 piece cutlery set
    C. cutting board for meat or vegetables

    3. End of Summer Sale with extra great deals.

    I personally love the 3 Free Gifts - it is a great time to try Omaha Steaks with this deal! Remember that customer service is very important to them and they will replace or refund anything you do not believe is 100% great. Happy grilling!