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    Thursday, October 20, 2005
    Madonna ! This is not a normal type of post for me but some (I'm sure most) people are scratching their heads over the latest Madonna publicity stunt. This is a perfect example of someone abusing the power they have in the media. I think she is very talented and has greatly contributed to pop music, even if you don't care for her style of music, but my issue is that she has what most would consider to be everything - a husband, two beautiful children, huge homes including her English Manor(castle, more like it, like Sting's), and fame and fortune. She has done whatever she felt like most or all of her life and is now telling the rest of us we are wrong in how we have chosen to live our lives! I believe slow and steady "wins the race" and that you can live an honest, charitable, giving, loving life and still get "ahead". Success should never be measured solely in dollars, but also in how you have treated the people you meet in life's journey and in how you treat friends, family and even strangers. If she truly believes what she is saying, maybe she could greatly reduce the price on her new CD so everyone could afford to listen to it - we all know she does not need the money from the sales!!!