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    Macy's.com - Why I Love It!

    Thursday, October 13, 2005
    Macy's.com is one of my all time favorites. They have spectacular sales and promotions, like free shipping or 10% off when you use your Macy's card. This is what they are offering right now:

    1. Up to 50% off Home Store items - you may find something great for the holidays.

    2. Save an additional 10% off of Home Store items just by using your Macy's card.

    3. Clearance items that cannot be beat - and a very easy site to navigate with search links that help you find specific clearance items for men, women, and home.

    4. Electronics and other cool items you cannot easily find elsewhere.

    To see what I am talking about, just click on my link in the right column so you could get these promotions - and remember, you can close the link and be right back here! Have a cool day!