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    Financial World As Infinite

    Monday, October 17, 2005
    I like to view the financial world as infinite instead of as a pie, for instance. This is my personal example of how win/win attitudes are better than win/lose attitudes. One of my best friends worked hard for a tech company and worked his way up. He lived below his means and bought all of the stock he could hoping that one day the company would be purchased. Everyone of us around him had the opportunity to buy stock at a low price, but it was not a sure thing as the market never is! To make a long story short, he walked away a very wealthy man when the company was bought out - and many of their friends and family members became envious as though they had won the lottery!! I was happy for them and viewed it as a success for our group of friends - that with hard work and perseverence you can succeed. That if they succeeded, we all would in whatever we wanted to pursue. Instead, many viewed it like they got a bigger piece of the pie which left all of the rest of us with crumbs!! I do not see any logic in that kind of thinking!!!