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    Dream A Little - Create A Wish List

    Sunday, October 16, 2005
    It seems that whenever I try something new some huge roadblock pops up just as I start the journey! Perseverance is the key, and I truly believe that everyone can attain anything that they want if they try hard enough and visualize. I know of a professor, for example, with Down's Syndrome who had to try for years and years to get through school because he literally did not have the capabilities it takes to obtain a degree, but he succeeded! I know that when I first started to save to build a home, I had many financial roadblocks right away that I never saw coming; including a ton of home repairs in the house we lived in, rising interest rates, my husband crashing the car, a very sick daughter, etc. But we perservered and everything worked out fine, it just took us a little longer to save the money. And the house was beautiful even though we had very little furniture and I had to stencil the rooms to add character - which is very inexpensive but time consuming. Just dream a little and persevere in the face of opposition!!!