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    A Cool Idea

    Monday, October 10, 2005
    A cool idea to help you stay better organized and that will help you achieve your financial dreams is to keep a journal of your spending for a month or two. You can create something through the computer, but for me it was easier to just use a notebook and create categories like "dining out", "grocery shopping", etc. - then whenever I would come in from running errands I could just jot down the information from my receipts. Or, you can keep receipts for a month or two and then log them. Budgets never work, just like diets do not work because you are depriving yourself of something and will binge (or go on a huge spending spree)!!! But just knowing how and where you are spending gives you the control to decide if you want to make change - you know how the little things add up quickly - hence, the "latte factor"!!!