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    Cashback Bonus Dollars

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005
    The reason I love Discover is for the cashback bonus. For example, say you charge all of your dining out purchases,groceries, clothing purchases, and gas purchases on your Discover card. You get at least 1% back for each of those things, sometimes more during special promotions. Say that you only charge $800.00 a month for all of those things listed above every month. After one year you can have a free iPod from Sharper Image! You would get over $100.00 in cashback dollars that you could then double for Sharper Image money so you would get over $200.00 in gift cards for Sharper Image! That is why I love Discover, especially if you are paying them 0% interest!!!

    P.S. The top Discover link to the right says that you would double your bonus to up to 2%, which could mean $400.00 at Sharper Image or towards many of their other companies!