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    Buy Now For Your Future!

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005
    Buy things that you will need in the future that are on sale right now. It seems an like an uphill battle if you are living paycheck to paycheck, but in time you we see that your debt is decreasing and your net worth is increasing. Stocking up on items you will need for the holidays at the grocery store or department store will save you huge amounts in the near future. Here are some things I have found at great discount prices:

    1. Fall clothing for holiday gifts - I found designer jeans on clearance at Macy's.com (but you can find things everywhere right now)for about $25.00 each(from $100.00 each). I also found light weight long sleeve shirts and beautiful designer tank tops you can where year 'round under a jacket (for 75% off).

    2. School supplies are deeply discounted everywhere - I stocked up for next year and donated some to the kids' displaced by the hurricane.

    3. Buy decorations the day after the holiday for next year - I decided we have enough for this year and I will wait and buy more decorations for next year on clearance and save a ton of money!