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    Building A Home

    Sunday, October 16, 2005
    My husband and I have had two homes built and have finished a third(only owning one at a time, of course!), so I have learned a little about dealing with the contractors. Just a few ideas for now, many more to come in future articles:

    1. Really watch your selections, obviously, right? But you know how little things add up! I saved about $3000.00 by going to two different plumbing suppliers and comparing apples to apples as they say. I saved about $4000.00 on lighting!!! Also, the internet is a great resource to make sure you are not being taken advantage of - try searches to check basic items.

    2. Be nice to the guys building your home - bring them doughnuts or cookies, or send pizza and soda - hardly anyone ever does and you will be extremely happy you did!! In addition to keeping your homesite more cleanly to doing all kinds of extra work for free, they will also create a happier work environment.

    3. Treat your builder with respect even if he makes a mistake - he wants to maintain a great reputation and will normally remedy any issue if you treat him as an equal.