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    $110 Saved at Favorite Grocery Store!!!

    Sunday, October 16, 2005
    I just came from my favorite grocery store and I saved $110.00 on my groceries! My total was $126.00, but it would have been $236.00. It did take me an extra half an hour or so, but I think $220.00/hour is worth it!! All I did was match my coupons to the store ad. Some of the coupons went towards B1G1Free items, and I did by the fruit and veggies that were on sale, but those are normally the freshest anyway. Plus the store I frequent is positively the nicest, friendliest, cleanest store in my town and some people think that it is too expensive!! I got like 25 bags of groceries for $126.00 that will last me close to two weeks(we are a family of 5 with teenagers)! I saw another person with coupons kind of hiding them - never be embarrassed about saving money honestly - when you are in control of your spending and planning for your future it gives you a sense of pride. Or I can be happy I have $110.00 to spend on the internet!!!

    P.S. If you do not want to use coupons, just buying B1G1Free items and sale items I still would have saved $75.00!!!