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    Omaha Steaks.com - Why I Love It!

    Wednesday, September 28, 2005
    Omaha Steaks - it's not just for steaks! I love this company because I can honestly say that everything I have had so far - and I have placed numerous orders with them - has been top notch, as they say. Of course they offer steaks, filet mignon is my favorite (live well for less!), but I didn't know until I personally ordered from them that they also have great deals on veal, pork, lamb, poultry, and beef (the hamburgers are great!). They have wonderful seafood - crab stuffed sole is our favorite - they also have pastas, appetizers, sides, sauces/seasonings, gift plans & ideas, cookbooks and even pet treats! I also love them for the following reasons:

    1. Outstanding, quality products at a great price.

    2. Your order is delivered promptly to your door in a solid styrofoam package that you can reuse for a picnic or even a trip. The food is vacuum sealed in individual boxes clearly marked with the product name on the side - it makes it easy to stack them neatly in your freezer and see what you have. There is dry ice in the large package so you do not have to worry about racing to put everything away, if you're at work and come home you can do that at your leisure.

    3. Their customer service is impeccable. When they say 100% satisfaction or your money back they truly mean it! One time a couple of months ago I found one steak to be a little fatty. I called them just to let them know so they could reference it for a quality check, and they insisted on either replacing the box of steaks or crediting my account immediately! I did not have the same experience with a grocery store - the steaks were truly horrible and I was told pretty much just too bad and they did not let anyone know.

    The link in the right column of my page will create a new window for you if you would like to just take a moment to check out what they have.