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    Grocery Shopping

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005
    We all would all love to save money on groceries so we would have more money for even more enjoyable things - for clothes, for a new car(as I am now), or for savings. I have conducted my own experiment over the last two months and have cut my grocery bill almost in half (and I have 3 kids ages 9-16 and a husband, and we have been trying to entertain family and friends more often). Try any of these ideas and you will save money - try all to save more!

    1. Go through your favorite store's ad and build a grocery list around the Buy1Get1Free items and sale items.

    2. If you love snacks or soft drinks like we do, try to stock up when your favorite things are at the lowest price. I even buy mostly sale fruit and vegetables - they are normally also the best quality items.

    3. Use coupons on everything you need - I stopped using them and it really makes a difference. The best thing is a coupon used towards a Buy1Get1Free item or items! For example, last week my favorite store had spaghetti sauce marked Buy1Get1Free:

    A. spaghetti sauce originally priced @ $1.59 with B1G1 sale = 1st one for $.80, 2nd one for $.79
    buy only 1 for $.80 - $.25 coupon = pay only $.55
    my store doubles coupons so $.80 - $.50 = $.30 - PAY ONLY $.30 !


    B. spaghetti sauce originally priced @$1.59 with B1G1 sale = 1st one for $.80, 2nd one for $.79
    buy 2 and pay $1.59 - $1.00 off coupon (with purchase of 2 ) - $1.59 - $1.00 = pay only $.59 for 2
    PAY ONLY $.59 for 2 jars of spaghetti sauce - that is less than $.30 EACH!

    Most of the stores in my area divide the original price in half as mentioned above, but I know a few stores that make you buy 2 - $1.59 for 1st item and $.0 for the 2nd item. You can check your favorite store's policy to find out (call, e-mail, or ask customer service). In any case, example B (see above) will work for however your store rings B1G1Free items.

    I promise to share many more ideas on how to save on groceries soon!!