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    drugstore.com -Why I Love It!

    Friday, September 23, 2005
    I have found a lot of great deals on drugstore.com - here are some reasons I love it !

    1. Free shipping when you spend $49.00 on non-prescription items !

    2. Free stuff each time you shop - you get to choose an item from a list that you want free !

    3. No tax unless you live in the state of Washington !

    4. Great sales on makeup, household items, GNC products, health food, exercise equipment, vitamins, over -the- counter medicine, and even pet items !

    5. Fun promotions like buy 2 dove items, get a beautiful silver box and a blush brush free or free microdelivery peel with a philosophy purchase.

    As I said before, I will not mention anything I am not passionate about or do not have prior experience - and will only link directly to sights I love that are of outstanding quality. (You can link directly to drugstore.com (look to the left column) and I'm sure you will love it! Then, if you want, just close the window and you will come right back here!)